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In their resolve to advance the development of Ilawo Community, Muslim stakeholders in the axis turbaned distinguished Sons and daughters as titled chiefs expected to transform the community into urbanized area with their exposure and wealth of experience.

Newsconnect reports that distinguished members of Akorede and Olojede family in Ilawo, Abeokuta, Ogun State were respectively turbaned at the auspicious ceremony. 

Former Minister and SSG to Ogun State Government Honourable Sharafadeen Ishola in his remark at the event said not every community is privileged to identify great personalities within its community like Ilawo Muslim community did, hence the effort is commendable. 

“I greet the Akorede and Olojede family. Congratulations. This chieftaincy title is to spur you to do more. You have to keep in touch with the Imam and provide all the resources needed to develop the mosque and the community”. He said

The newly turbaned Alakoso of Ilawo Land in Abeokuta, Ogun State Alhaji Shehu Abdul Kadri Akorede in an interview with Newsconnect correspondence talked about the actions he would take as the the Alakoso Adinni. He said;

“Ilawo community wants me to help with the growth of the town, and to bring son’s and daughters of Ilawo in US and all over the country home. They want me to help them initiate the development of the town. I am going to meet with the stakeholders of Ilawo, which included the Oba of Ilawo Land so we can plan it together and know which way to go. 

“This is not my first chieftaincy title. I had one in Rhode Island in 1989 as a Seriki Adinni, so this is my second one as Alakoso Adinni of Ilawo Muslim community in Abeokuta, Ogun State. There is a lot of discrepancy, and am to bring peace among the people”. He said. 

The newly turbaned Mogaji Adinni of Ilawo Land Alhaji Salman Akorede in an interview after he was turbaned described his new title. 

In his words, he said;

“Mogaji as the name indicates is a leadership role. It is a role that puts additional responsibility on me as a citizen of Ilawo Land. I have to make sure any issue, any matter relating to Muslims in Ilawo, I should always be part of it. 

“There is always that need to continuously improve the community, to encourage Muslim in the community and to do a lot more for Islam. If I had been doing ‘x before, I have to strive and do 2, 3 x and more’ Anything relating to Muslim community within Ilawo will be on the front burner. 

“If I have not been doing it before, now I have to remember now that i have a leadership role within the community to play, when the call comes, we have to respond”. He said.

The newly installed Arowasadeen of Ilawo Alhaji Surveyor Abdul Sabur Akorede in an interview with Newsconnect after he was turbaned said;

 “This is not my first time of taking a title, this is about the 4th time from different places but this is the place I come from, which makes it very exceptional. “This is a clarion call, it is a challenge for me to contribute more to the cause of Allah and my community as a whole. I want to lay good examples to Muslims, I want to ensure where I come from is well protected, well preserved, I want to project the culture of goodness, generosity, greatness, Truthfulness, honesty and diligence”. He said

As a serial chieftaincy honoree, Sabur said it is not tailored towards politics but rather, humanity. 

“This chieftaincy title is not tailored at Politics, it is tailored at humanity, wellbeing, and goodness in the site of Allah. 

To his well wishers, Sabur said;

“They have come from different places far and near, I appreciate them a lot. They are here not because what I have been doing to them, but because they just like me and they respect Allah. 

“I want to thank them. May God protect everyone of them to their respective destinations. 

The newly turbaned Otun Arowasadeen of Ilawo, Alhaja chief Mrs Sekinat Akorede in an interview after her installation promised to support the community, and to give what is required to the Muslim folks and the populace in general. 

One of the well wishers Bashir Agoro who came to support Alhaji Kadri Akorede said he is a very conscientious man, very articulate, he is always a champion to anything deen in Islam. He is well organized, he likes to put things together for Islam, he is one of the elders in Ansarudeen Houston, Texas. 

“The community that coronated him are lucky to have him on board, I believe he would contribute positively to this community at large, I believe in that”. Agoro said.

Lukman Tunde Jacobs who came to show solidarity support from Houston Texas to Chief Moruf Akorede, the newly installed Baaloro of Muslims in Ilawo land said he really deserves this.

“I have known him for over thirty five years, I can recommend him for a lot of things because he is a nice and wonderful person. 

“I expect him to remain the same, nothing different and he should have more believe of almighty God in his perception”. Jacobs said. 

Alhaja Wasilat (WANDA) Akorede, who was turbaned as the Ariwajoye Adeen of Ilawo land in an interview with this medium at the event pledged to support the cause of Allah and to ameliorate the sufferings of downtrodden in the community with the resources Allah has put in her purview. 

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