The Managing Director of Primero Transport services Fola Tinubu has identified himself with the paramount ruler of Ikosi kingdom Oba Alamu Oloyede Kehinde and the emergence of his friend turn brother Omoba Adeyinka Oyediran who was installed as Olori omo Oba of Ikosi land.

Newsconnect reports that the paramount ruler said the antecedents of the new chiefs earned them the respective titles, hence the new chiefs should live up to expectation and surpass previous achievements with their new role.

In an interview with Newsconnect correspondence and Fola Tinubu at the event, he said;

“It’s a pleasure of celebrating with Kabiyesi. It is 17 years he has been on his father’s throne and also my brother is being made the Olori Omo Oba of Ikosi land, so it is a great privilege to celebrate with Kabiyesi and my great brother here.

“He is a brother am proud of. He is a man you can be proud of. He is a man you can rely on. He is a man that if he tells you yes is yes. Whatever he tells you, you can take it to the bank.

“So he is a brother am very happy to call my brother. I want him to continue doing what he is doing. The reason they gave him the title Olori omo oba is because of what he was doing before. Now that he is Olori Omo Oba, he has to even do more for Ikosi Isheri because everybody in Ikosi Isheri will be depending on him”. He said

Omoba Adeyinka Oyediran the new Olori omo Oba in Ikosi kingdom in an interview with journalists acknowledged that his new title as Olori Omo Oba would charge him to do more.

In his own words, he said;

“To me it is sense of recognition, and it’s a charge to do more. It is beautiful if your effort is being recognised by your own people.

“If my people from my root both from my father side, they have done it and now my mother side they are doing it. Wherever I stay, to me it gives me concern that i think it is call to service.

“They have seen my prowess and even I myself I believe in what God says that wisdom is like a chain, it must not be broken from your end, you must extend it to other people.

“I feel whatever is deposited in me is been seen and they are asking me to do more. I know there is benefit from it. At least if you are able to do more to our community, it means those that either below us can learn from it.

“They can be charge , they can feel that it is better for them to contribute their quota to their community. It is even Godly to be able to contribute your quota to the development of your area.

“It is a very good thing. In most cases, a lot of people run away from it, because it is not been noted or it is not being honoured.

“To me am glad am being honoured. Am glad they are asking me to do more. As much as God continue to endow me, with all these opportunities, I will continue to release it to my environment so that the environment can be better”. He said

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