Children Academic and Vocational Support Initiatives (CAVSI) celebrated Children’s Day in a vibrant and engaging manner with the theme ” Connecting to Be Connected . The event aimed to foster connection, learning, and empowerment among children through various activities and initiatives.

Mr. Mayowa Olayinka, a volunteer, commenced the event with a warm welcome speech, setting the tone for the day’s activities, through this,
Participants enjoyed a series of interactive games, including color identification and lucky draws, where winners received gift items such as exercise books and balloons.

Afterwards, CAVSI children delighted the audience with captivating performances, including cultural dances, choreography, and drama, emphasizing the importance of environmental cleanliness.

Immediately after that, children were randomly selected to share their insights on the theme of the program, showcasing their understanding and engagement in the program.

Afterwards, Mr Hakeem Ariori, the coordinator, briefed the children on CAVSI’s upcoming programs, including the LVDA in August and FOI in December, encouraging active participation.
Later on, refreshments of biscuits and fruit drinks were served to all attendees, fostering a sense of community and celebration.

The event concluded with group photos, capturing the joyous moments shared by all participants. In all, 354 children, 10 ambassadors, 5Volunteers including coordinator, 2 Parents, 3 teachers from other schools, and 1 Chaplain participated in the program.

In fact, the program was a resounding success, bringing together the community to celebrate and empower children. Through engaging activities, insightful discussions, and meaningful interactions, the event exemplified the spirit of unity and support. CAVSI remains committed to nurturing the academic and vocational growth of children, ensuring a brighter future.

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