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…carries out drainage repairs and roads resurfacing in Mende

Kosofe Local Government, determined to strengthen infrastructural progress, has embarked on extensive repairs of the drainage systems and resurfacing of roads in the local government area with Abbi and Atiba Osborne Streets as beneficiaries in Mende. This strategic move aims to elevate the overall standard of living for those living in the locality.

The long-standing flooding problems in the area, exacerbated during rainy seasons, are finally being addressed through rehabilitation efforts. With a focus on improving the drainage system, the local government hopes to alleviate environmental difficulties and create a safer and more easily navigable road network.

The residents of the area are eagerly awaiting the project’s completion, which holds the promise of greatly enhancing transportation conditions and sparking positive growth within the community and economy. Hon Barr Moyosore Ogunlewe’s dedication to upgrading infrastructure signifies a progressive move towards sustainable urban development.

Kòṣọ̀fẹ́ ẹ yọ̀
…mo yọ̀ fún ẹ, mo yọ̀ fúnra mi


Comrade Oluwole Obisanya
Acting Chief Press Secretary
Kosofe Local Government

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