The Press Society is delighted to celebrate the birthday of Elias Abayomi Adagunduro, the esteemed President of the association and the publisher of Newsconnect Online.

On this special day, we honor not only the anniversary of your birth but also your remarkable contributions to the fields of journalism and media. As the visionary leader behind Newsconnect Online and the respected President of the Press Society of Nigeria, your dedication, integrity, and innovative spirit have inspired many within the industry.

Your unwavering commitment to excellence and ethical journalism has set a benchmark for others to follow. Under your leadership, Newsconnect Online has become a beacon of credible and impactful reporting. Your influence within the Press Society of Nigeria has significantly strengthened the press community across the nation.

As we celebrate your birthday, we wish you a year filled with even greater achievements, joy, and

By News Connect Online

News Connect Online is a grassroot advocacy news platform established to promote development and peace through efficient and effective reportage across all beats. Beat: Education, Entertainment Environment Energy Business Health, Sport, Foreign News, Advocacy, Tourism, Transportation

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