Dear people of Badagry Constituency 2, you all are already aware that the SPPC is also one of the master plans of Honourable Setonji David in the 10th Assembly Year 2. Primarily, it is going to focus on providing non-tech skills to his people to meet up with global demands and to become employers of labour themselves. Isn’t this amazing?

But then, what are these non-tech skills? They are skills that do not heavily rely on technology. They involve skills that are related to business development. So, Setonji has chosen these major areas of concentration for now:

  1. Social Media Domains
  2. Cinematography
  3. Photography
  4. Content Writing
  5. E-Learning Course Creation on Udemy, etc.
  6. Advertising
  7. Development of Apps for various organizations, businesses, etc.
  8. Digital Marketing
  9. Media & Telecommunications
  10. Solar Power Installation
  11. Interior Design
  12. Plater of Paris (POP) Installation
  13. Arts e.g. Painting,
  14. Wallpaper installation
  15. 3D Works
  16. CCTV Installation
  17. Graphic design
  18. UX Writer
  19. Copywriting and
  20. Printing

On this note, Setonji David shall kickstart any of these as obtained in his blueprint anytime soon and constituents shall be shortlisted. Also, specialists and professionals with TRACK RECORDS may apply for collaboration in the guidelines to be provided tomorrow.

Setonji David is truly a changer of narratives. Congratulations to Badagry Constituency 2.

POSU Davies
The Media Aide
Honourable Setonji David

By News Connect Online

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