At his 62nd birthday celebration, Stakeholders from the Mandate Group of the All Progressives Congress APC in Kosofe at different intervals acknowledged the outstanding attributes of Honourable Rotimi Ojo Agunsoye ROT, the former lawmaker representing Kosofe Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives.

Having celebrated his birthday which later turned to thanksgiving ceremony considering the massive turnout of well wishers, The Mandate, Movement, again in their style hosted their leader, ROT who turned 62.

The State Chairman Mandate Group APC Honourable Abdullahi Enilolobo in an interview at the event with journalists reeled out outstanding attributes of ROT which culminated to one of the reasons the group hosted his 62nd birthday for the second time after he had personally celebrated it at his residence .

In his words, he said;

“First of all we give thanks to almighty Allah that has made this possible. We are doing two things, we are celebrating our brother, our friend, our leader Honourable Agunsoye and at the same time we are celebrating our party and group the Mandate Group.

“We are celebrating him for his steadfastness in the party and the Mandate group. My advice for him is to keep the good work up, he should continue to do the good things he is doing.

“Having left Political position for almost a year, people still stood by him. The majority of people here believe in him. This implies when he was in government, he has some qualities.

“I want him to increase, and he should not relent doing what he is doing”. He said.

Former Commissioner and House of Representative member Dr Adejare in a separate interview at the event reiterated the exceptional attitude of ROT as a friend, Politician and father.

In his words, he said;

“If you have Rotimi as a friend, you don’t need to look for other things. He will not desert you, he will tell you when you are wrong, he will tell you when you are right.

“He is not that kind of person that will dodge and tell you what he wants to tell you, he would tell you just the way it is and that is Rotimi for you.

“He is a good family man, when you see him anywhere, he is very very humble, he is a good party man, he is a good politician”. He said.

Honourable Kayode Olaegbe said ROT is a man of great Value. He is a man they can vouch for in this Kosofe.

“ROT’s generosity to the people drew me closer to him, so if am to advise him, I don’t want him to stop tue good things, he should keep it up”. He said.

Honourable Adebajo Adetunji in the same vein said ROT is a generous and sincere politician that the young politicians should emulate.

The celebrant Honourable Rotimi Agunsoye thanked all the state leaders, women and party faithful that came far and near to celebrate him.

In his own words, he said;

“I am thanking all leaders from the state who came to witness what we are doing today, God will bless you and grant you all with long life and you will be prosperous. To all our mothers that are our pillar of support, God will continue to strengthen you, your own children will be greater than us and they will not go astray”. ROT prayed

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