…. Commends Governor Soludo’s Commitment to Quality Infrastructure.

The recent fabricated video by certain elements purporting a washed-off portion of the Ochanja road has been condemned by residents of the area. Pastor Chinedu Asika, a property owner and resident of the area while speaking on behalf of the residents, denounces the lies being orchestrated and exaggerated in the viral video purporting a washed-off of the road still under construction.

According to him

” There is a small part of the road where the contractors were working before the heavy rainfall. They had not finished that portion of the road before the rain started and obviously, when the heavy rain fell it affected the small part of the road which has now been fixed and it is of high standard from what we can see”.

There is nothing politicians can’t play politics with”, he concluded.

Engr Ifeanyi Okoma, the State Commissioner for Works laughed off the viral video and condemned the group or persons behind the video, created to mislead the public.

“This is clearly the work of mischief makers trying to sabotage the countless achievements of the Anambra State Government that is working tirelessly to make the State a liveable and prosperous homeland. This false video shows an uncompleted portion of the road that was washed off by the rains that halted the project by construction workers. This is an obvious act of sabotage by enemies of good works in Anambra”, the commissioner stated.

The commissioner further emphasized that the contractor worked on Sunday and only about one foot from where he stopped was washed as a result of the downpour and blocked drainages along the road. Engr. Okoma added that the road was not yet inaugurated by the State Government as earlier reported by the trending online reports and urged the public to disregard the video.

Mark Tu, the Head of the contracting firm in charge of the Ochanja road project also expressed his disappointment at the video.

“It is a huge disappointment that someone took the time to record such a video. However, I can assure the public that our company has a good track record of delivering quality road projects that stand the test of time, and the Ochanja road project will not be an exception” he said.

Some traders and residents were interviewed in the area, and they lauded the State Government for the construction while expressing their optimism that the weather will allow for the completion of the project to uplift and empower the communities around. They also expressed their satisfaction and gratitude to the State Government for the quality of the already asphalted 1.7km road.

The Anambra State Government, under the leadership of Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, is committed to building a liveable and prosperous smart megacity by focusing on its 5-Solution Agenda which are: Security, Law and OrderEconomic Transformation and InfrastructureHuman Capital and Social AgendaGovernance, Rule of Law and Value System; and the Environment. The Governor has demonstrated his two years of excellence in office with over 100 sterling achievements, without borrowing a dime for any project!

Soludo’s administration is committed to Doing More With Less – No Borrowing, which is a testament to Anambra State’s unwavering commitment to fostering sustainable development, enhancing the quality of life for its citizens, and laying a robust foundation for the future prosperity of Anambra State.

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