The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is dedicated to not only fostering a conducive environment for industry stakeholders but also ensuring that telecom subscribers can protect themselves from cyber threats while enjoying the services provided.

In a recent update, the NCC focused on cyber-attacks emphasized the importance of creating strong passwords to safeguard online accounts

Regularly, the NCC shares valuable insights with Nigerian telecom subscribers, offering tips on how to stay safe in digital space.

According to the statement, cyber-attacks involve unauthorized access, data theft, or system damage by threat actors operating from various locations. These attacks can be carried out by individuals or groups using different tactics.

Passwords play a crucial role in granting access to computer systems or services. Each user is required to have a password to log in securely.

The NCC, through its official Facebook page, advised subscribers to opt for passwords to prevent unauthorized access to their on mobile devices.

“Protect your online accounts (such as banks and digital media) by using strong and complex passwords,” the NCC emphasized.

By implementing robust passwords, individuals can defend against cyber attackers seeking to compromise data, applications, or assets through unauthorized network or device access.

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