….Group questions ambiguities surrounding commencement of labour strike during Hajj Operations
and just a few days to Eidu-l-Kabir

The nationwide strike orchestrated by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and its allies from across the country has been greeted with lots of ambiguities and uncertainties, especially considering its commencement at this time when Hajj operations is at the peak and exactly 2 weeks to the Muslims’ major festival, Eidu-l-Kabir.

The Progressive Youths for Islamic Values (PYIV) said its leadership empathizes with Nigerians especially with the economic downturn owing to fuel subsidy removal and also supports the quest to increase the National Minimum Wage, in order to stabilize the economy.

Speaking at a Press briefing in Ikeja, Alhaji Abdul-Lateef Abdus-Salaam, Director General of PYIV said the leadership of the organisation calls on the Labour Union leaders to call off the ongoing nationwide strike, failure to do that will confirm that it was not really about national issues but a deliberate attempt to instigate the “hundred million plus” Muslims population in Nigeria against our dear country.

“As much as we can’t accept a nationwide labour strike and total blackout (without energy supply) across the country and closure of all medical facilities during the hays of Christmas Celebration in December, we won’t also accept that in few days to Eidu-l-Kabir and most importantly during the already ongoing airlifting operations for Muslim pilgrims to Saudi Arabia, which has a global definite timing.”

Alhaji Abdul-Lateef however noted with disdain that the timing of this recent action by Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) is questionable and marred with lots of ambiguities, as it is near-to-target a particular sector of the society, especially the Muslims who have recently commenced airlifting to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Annual Pilgrimage (Hajj) and preparing for Eidu-l-Kabir in few days.

The organisation, at a Press briefing, expressed serious concern over the threats and hindrances this inhuman actions through the nationwide strike has meted on the lives of thousands of Nigerian pilgrims and the airlifting operations to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which had earlier commenced without notable itches.
In several instances sighted, the organisation noted that the nationwide strike had left tens of thousands of Muslim pilgrims who have arrived at airports for their flights stranded.
It also recalled how an airplane sent to airlift pilgrims from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia was turned back by striking aviation workers in Nigeria, forcing the aircraft to return to KSA Airport in Jeddah empty. This is not just inhuman, it’s capable of inciting avoidable religious fracas and a big down-mark for the economy.

The PYIV is considering mobilizing all its affiliates across the country to keep dousing already rising tensions from grassroot Islamic organisations who have started taking proactive actions against all these inactions coming from the ill-timed nationwide strike.
“We have received several calls and red alerts on possible strategic protests against this ill-timed nationwide strike, however we keep on appealing hoping that the strike will be called off without any further delays.” – The DG said

We hereby call on the Federal Government of Nigeria, State Governments and Labour Union Leaders across the country to reach a timely conclusion by halting this ongoing labour strike.
The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) should consider that the timing of this labour action are already inciting major threats towards the success of the holy pilgrimage to Makkah (Hajj), other cross-country businesses and will only shoot up prices of food commodities especially as the Muslims are preparing to celebrate a major festival, Eidu-l-Kabir in few days.

It should be noted that, the call to STOP the ongoing labour strike at this time will avoid inciting unrest, stiff rejection and possible religious protests across the country.

Alhaji Abdul-Lateef charged the Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress to reach a common ground with the Federal Government without inflicting further pains or adding to the woes of the masses.
He said the NLC, TUC alongside their allies should show a convincing action by calling off the strike, except they are adamant to make the entire country keep believing the partisan and religious premonitions and inactions they have been publicly alleged of recently.

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