Abubakar Suleiman

Abubakar Suleiman, the Chief Executive Officer of Sterling Bank Limited, delivered an enlightening discourse on leadership during the prestigious Lagos Leadership Summit 2024, powered by the Lateef Jakande Leadership Academy, shedding light on the profound essence of effective leadership and its transformative impact on society. 

At the heart of Suleiman’s message was the concept of leadership as a catalyst for change—a force that propels individuals and organizations towards a shared vision of progress and prosperity. He eloquently articulated that leadership transcends mere management; it is about inspiring others to embrace a compelling vision of the future and empowering them to contribute meaningfully toward its realization.

Drawing from his wealth of experience, Suleiman emphasized the importance of purpose-driven leadership—a leadership style rooted in a deep sense of mission and conviction. He underscored that true leaders are not just managers of the status quo; they are visionaries who dare to imagine a better world and possess the courage to pursue that vision relentlessly.

Throughout his address, Suleiman explored the multifaceted nature of purpose, examining its manifestations in various spheres of life. He delved into the dynamics of family leadership, highlighting the timeless principles of sacrifice, dedication, and unconditional love that characterize effective parental leadership. Similarly, he underscored the profound influence of religion, emphasizing the role of faith in inspiring individuals to strive for a higher purpose and contribute to the common good.

Furthermore, Suleiman introduced the Japanese concept of Ikigai—a philosophy that encapsulates the intersection of passion, vocation, mission, and profession. He elucidated how identifying one’s Ikigai is a compass for navigating life’s complexities, guiding individuals to a fulfilling existence driven by purpose and meaning.

To addressing the pervasive issue of entitlement versus gratitude, Suleiman offered profound insights into the corrosive effects of entitlement on leadership effectiveness. He challenged the prevailing culture of entitlement, urging individuals to cultivate a spirit of gratitude and humility. According to Suleiman, true leaders are not defined by what they expect to receive but by what they are willing to give. They embody a spirit of selflessness, service, and sacrifice—a willingness to put the needs of others above their own.

In conclusion, Suleiman’s discourse brought to the fore timeless principles of purpose-driven leadership, gratitude, and sacrifice as essential attributes of effective leadership. His compelling insights serve as a clarion call to aspiring leaders everywhere, urging them to embrace their innate potential to lead with vision, integrity, and compassion.

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Sterling Bank is a leading financial institution committed to driving economic growth through innovative financial solutions. With a focus on empowering businesses and individuals, Sterling Bank has consistently played a pivotal role in the development of the Nigerian economy.

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