In a groundbreaking move set to revolutionize traffic management in Lagos, the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) has concluded all necessary arrangement for the imminent launch of a dedicated call centre.

This pioneering initiative is designed to enhance communication between the public and traffic authorities, streamline traffic operations, and significantly improve the overall driving experience in Nigeria’s bustling commercial capital.

A Bold Step Towards Modern Traffic Management.

Lagos, one of the most densely populated cities in Africa, is infamous for its traffic congestion.

Daily gridlocks, frequent accidents and a myriad of road incidents contribute to the city’s traffic nightmares. In response to these challenges, LASTMA’s new call centre aims to provide a real-time, efficient solution to traffic management, reflecting the government’s commitment to leveraging technology for public service enhancement.

How the Call Centre Works.

The LASTMA call centre will be a state-of-the-art facility, operational 24/7, staffed by trained professionals adept at handling a wide range of traffic-related issues.

Motorists can contact the call centre via a toll-free dedicated hotlines to report traffic incidents, request assistance, or seek information on road conditions including report on activities of LASTMA Officers.

Using advanced technology, the call centre will track incidents, dispatch traffic officers and coordinate with other emergency services when necessary. This integrated approach ensures that help is always just a phone call away, providing a lifeline for motorists caught in traffic distress.

Benefits to the Motoring Public.

  1. Immediate Reporting and Response.
    One of the most significant benefits of the call centre is the ability to report traffic incidents in real time. Whether it’s a minor fender-bender, a major accident, or an unexpected roadblock, motorists can quickly notify LASTMA. This immediate reporting will enable swift deployment of traffic officers to manage and clear the scene, reducing delays and preventing secondary accidents.
  2. Enhanced Traffic Flow.
    The call centre will play a crucial role in maintaining smooth traffic flow. By monitoring traffic conditions and responding promptly to incidents, LASTMA can alleviate bottlenecks and keep traffic moving. This will be particularly beneficial during peak hours and in high-traffic areas, reducing the time commuters spend on the road and enhancing overall productivity.
  3. Increased Road Safety
    Quick intervention is key to road safety. The call centre’s ability to promptly address and resolve traffic incidents will help prevent accidents and ensure that roads are safe for all users. Additionally, motorists can report reckless driving and other dangerous behaviors, enabling LASTMA to take immediate action and uphold traffic regulations.
  4. Improved Public Engagement and Trust.
    The call centre represents a significant step in fostering better communication between LASTMA and the public. By providing a toll-free free direct lines of contact, LASTMA can demonstrate its commitment to transparency and accountability. This engagement will build public trust and encourage citizens to participate actively in traffic management efforts.
  5. Timely Information and Assistance.
    Beyond incident reporting, the call centre will serve as an information hub for motorists. Drivers can call in to get real-time updates on road conditions, detours, and traffic advisories. This timely information will help motorists plan their routes more effectively, avoiding congestion and reducing travel time.

Importance of the Call Centre in Lagos Traffic Management.

The launch of the LASTMA call centre is a strategic initiative with far-reaching implications for traffic management in Lagos. Traffic congestion is not just a daily inconvenience; it has significant economic impacts, including increased fuel consumption, lost productivity, and higher transportation costs. By addressing traffic issues more efficiently, the call centre will contribute to the economic vitality of Lagos.

Moreover, the call centre aligns with the broader vision of creating a smart city where technology enhances the quality of urban living. It embodies the principles of proactive governance, where data and connectivity are leveraged to solve complex urban challenges. For LASTMA, this initiative marks a significant move towards modernizing traffic management and aligning with global best practices.

What to Expect.

As the call centre gears up for launch, motorists can expect a seamless, user-friendly experience. LASTMA has invested in training its staff to handle calls professionally and efficiently, ensuring that every interaction contributes to a positive outcome. The public can look forward to a more responsive traffic management system that is better equipped to handle the demands of Lagos’s dynamic road network.


The launch of the LASTMA call centre is a landmark development in Lagos’s journey towards efficient traffic management. By providing a reliable and effective platform for real-time communication, LASTMA is empowering the motoring public to play an active role in managing the city’s traffic. The anticipated benefits – from improved safety to enhanced traffic flow – underscore the importance of this initiative. As Lagos continues to grow and evolve, innovations like the LASTMA call centre will be essential in building a more livable and prosperous city.

With the launch just around the corner, LASTMA invites all motorists to embrace this new tool and become active participants in the drive towards better traffic management in Lagos.

Adebayo Taofiq
Director, Public Affairs and Enlightenment Department of LASTMA.

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