In a commendable display of foresight and commitment to public safety, the Executive Chairman of Kosofe Local Government, Barr. Moyosore Adedoyin Ogunlewe commenced a comprehensive perimeter fence reconstruction project at the Council Secretariat.

This effort, born out of a pressing need to bolster security measures and deter potential criminal activities, showcases the administration’s proactive approach to governance. The existing fence, having served its purpose, will make way for a more robust and contemporary barrier designed to meet modern security standards.

Beyond its primary security function, the new perimeter fence is set to significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of the secretariat complex. This dual-purpose approach reflects the chairman’s astute understanding of the importance of creating a work environment that is not only safe but also visually appealing and conducive to productivity.

The project, slated for completion within a remarkably short timeframe of one month, has been prioritized to minimize disruption to daily operations. This swift execution further underscores the administration’s efficiency and respect for public resources.

As Kosofe Local Government continues to evolve under Barr. Ogunlewe’s guidance, this fence reconstruction project stands as a testament to his administration’s commitment to progressive governance and employee welfare.

The people of Kosofe can rest assured that their local government is in capable hands, with leadership that consistently demonstrates a keen understanding of infrastructural needs and a dedication to addressing them promptly and effectively.

Kòṣọ̀fẹ́ ẹ yọ̀!
…mo yọ̀ fún ẹ, mo yọ̀ fúnra mi!


Comrade Olúwọlé Òbísànyà-Lábíà
Chief Press Secretary to the Executive Chairman
Kosofe Local Government

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