In a significant recognition of his contributions to public safety, Barrister Moyosore Adedoyin Ogunlewe, the Executive Chairman of Kosofe Local Government, was honored on Thursday with the Hope of Nation and Outstanding LGA Chairman in Crime Prevention Award. The award was presented by the African Youth Initiative on Crime Prevention (AYICP) at a ceremony held in the chairman’s office.

This prestigious award underscores Ogunlewe’s commitment to tackling crime and fostering a safer environment for the residents of Kosofe. Affectionately known as the “White Lion of Kosofe,” Ogunlewe’s leadership has been marked by innovative strategies and collaborative efforts with local law enforcement and community groups to prevent crime.

The AYICP’s recognition highlights the importance of local government initiatives in crime prevention and positions Kosofe LGA as a model for other local councils across Nigeria and Africa.

Kòṣọ̀fẹ́ ẹ yọ̀!
…mo yọ̀ fún ẹ, mo yọ̀ fúnra mi!


Comrade Olúwọlé Òbísànyà-Lábíà
Chief Press Secretary to the Executive Chairman
Kosofe Local Government

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