The Honourable Member representing Kosofe Federal Constituency in the house of representatives Alhaja Kafilat Ogbara at a town hall meeting today February 16 2024 gave account of her stewardship to the people of Kosofe in the last 6months since she moved to Abuja.

Newsconnect reports that Ogbara had been able to make about 6 motions in the green chamber of the National Assembly just in 6 months.

Ogbara who used to work in the Audit Service Commission said there is a lot of difference in Audit service Commission and being in the legislative arm of government.

In an interview with her at the event, she said;

“In the last 6 months, i have been able to make about 6 motions. We were sworn in June, and we had our holiday in December.

“I have moved six motions. I have moved a motion for person living with disabilities, I have done for flood victims in my constituency. I have done on Federal Medical Center for Kosofe constituency. I have done a motion on Violence Against a Person Prohibition Act (VAPP). I have done in my little way oversight functions in the Ministry of women affairs, later to National center for women development and other committees that I belong.

“I want to ensure Status quo is not the same. That whatever allocation that we have allocated to the Ministry and department and Agencies must be judiciously used. If they appropriate for a particular purpose, you must follow it up and ensure whatever money they gave them to do anything, it must be used for that purpose and they must do it very well.

“This is why we have put this TOWNHALL meeting together. Remember during the budget presentation, we first had a town hall meeting.

“I came to the house of representatives to serve my people, to contribute my quota to be able to influence positivity in my own little way. To ensure I impact own people, this is exactly why we are here. If I didn’t do well perhaps they will be stoning and there will be chaos, people may not even turn up”. She said.

Erstwhile Executive Secretary to Ikosi Isheri LCDA Afolabi Kazeem popularly called ABK who received an outstanding award for his friend Honourable Kunle Shoname in an interview a the event said;

“I received this award on its behalf and we thank almighty God for the award. This is a very good event, and we thank God on behalf of Honourable Kafilat Ogbara for organising a platform towards feeding back her constituency on what she has being doing.

“Looking at what she has done in the last 6 months, she has done wonderfully well, sponsored bills, support so many development projects, we pray to almighty God to continue to support her.

“She can do more. We will equally engaged her, we know it is in her blood to continue to do good, we will encourage her to continue to impact her constituency and God will support her”. He concluded.

By News Connect Online

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