In a bid to sanitize the conducts of Okada and Tricycle Riders (Marwa) operating in Igbo Oluwo, the Community Development Association in Igbo-Oluwo held a meeting with the riders at the community town hall to address observations and plights of residents towards them.

Newsconnect reports that the Chairman Igbo Oluwo Community Development Association, Ojo Olubunmi fondly called BBD said the essence of the meeting is to sensitise the bike men and tricycle riders with the rules and regulations guiding the residents, the bike men so everyone can be on the same page.

In an interview with Newsconnect at the meeting, BBD said;

“In an organised estate like this, we need to update this set of people to make sure they adhere to the rules and regulations guiding them.

“It is not about punishing them or penalising them, it is about making sure they are doing the right things. We want them to be upright so they can behave right in their daily operations this is why we are here.

“Any Okada rider who feel threatened by a passenger, we want them to remain calm. We have advised them to channel such incidents to their Chairman.

“If the Chairman can’t handle it, let them come back to us, we will put it right. Don’t bully, don’t smoke because it enhances bad habits”. He said

The Secretary of Igbo-Oluwo Okada riders Association, Nurudeen Abdul Kareem (Alowonle) reiterated the issues that led to the meeting. He said Reckless driving, cleanliness, the use of hard drugs and alcohol, bullying were among the burning issues which led to the meeting.

In his words:

“A good driver must not drink while driving. Same goes to Okada riders. You must not be riding Okada while you are drunk. We will not tolerate that so our passengers and residents are not injured.

“Some Okada riders bully passengers when negotiating price. Some don’t have the manners to approach customers. We won’t condone it.

“All our members have their registered numbers on their jackets. So once a rider does such, take the number and bring it to us. The excos would know the right actions to take on that person. In the case of forgery or lies, a cross examination of the complainer and accused will suffice”. He said.

A former CDA Chairman in Igbo-Oluwo Mr Olabunmi Sodiq who still reside in the community as a landlord said;

“They know I frown at this, so they have noted my vehicle number, so they avoid me when am riding. It is not just about me, it is about their own safety.

“Most of them are not very literate in proper driving ethics. Most times, they will ride against the traffic. They will overtake on the right. They carry more than the numbers of passengers they can carry. The safety of the passenger and the safety of other residents.

“If you are coming for instance into a blind corner and you do not anticipate a rider to face you, if you are speeding more than 10km, you are likely to have an accident, and that could result into death or sustained serious injury.

“We need to constantly engage them in this, since most of them are not literate, they need to be guided” he said


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