At a 3-day medical outreach, the lawmaker representing Oshodi-Isolo Constituency ll at the green chamber of the National Assembly Honourable Okey Joe Onuakalusi provided free medical services to his constituents to stay healthy amidst lingering economic crisis in the country. 

Newsconnect reports that the three days medical outreach started on Thursday 27th of June and ended on Saturday 29th of June 2024. Some of the free medical services beneficiaries enjoyed include Malaria test, HIV test, Sugar test, Cervical Screening, Widal test, Hepatitis B, Vital signs, Breast Cancer among others. 

According to the organisers, the beneficiaries of the free medical outreach were identified through various platforms and groups established for the people in Oshodi Isolo Constituency ll. 

In an interview with Newsconnect and Honourable Okey Joe Onuakalusi at the event, he said to salvage the country from its present economic challenges, there must be a comprehensive attitudinal change by the Politicians and the People. 

In his own words, he said;

“This level of entitlement mentality should be a thing of the past, me and you should be able to provide services and we should be able to take responsibility. 

“Like what is happening here today, I am taking responsibility that’s why am here to ensure things work out here. I don’t want somebody to delegate responsibility. 

“We should  charge various leaders to take responsibility about their actions. That is the only way we can go to make it better. 

“We currently have global recession all over the world. The executive has to wake up and utilize the resources that are available to them”. He said. 

The Special Adviser Media and Communication to the Honourable Dr Mazi Chuks Nwosu in an interview at the event said beneficiaries should take note that there is a post medical activity. Those that have illness that can’t be taken care of would have a referral hospitals they can refer them and follow up, on that. 

In his words, he said;

“This is the first of its kind, going forward we would look at the gaps, and try to close them for the next Intervention”. 

The Labour party LGA woman leader Uyanna commie in an interview at the event said this intervention has never happened before in Oshodi Isolo Constituency ll. 

Uyanna said;

“If you see what is happening here, it shows that our Honourable, Okey Joe cares for his people. With the economic problem we have in the country, people hardly take themselves to hospital. He is giving free medication, free drugs, , you can see the crowd we have here. 

“It shows it has never happened in Oshodi Isolo. We have had representative at the green chamber of the National Assembly but this has never happened. 

“We say kudos to him, and I believe the people would continue to support him when he is coming out again. 

“What we have seen so far is little among the great things that are going to come. Okei Joe is people’s oriented, so he is good to go. He is our representative”. She said. 

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