In its strides towards producing students with outstanding results from Igbogbo/Baiyeku in 2024 Joint Admission Matriculation Board Examination (JAMB), AOSTEM organised orientation symposium to sensitise and prepare over 140 students that have enrolled for the examination from the axis.

Newsconnect reports that the acronym ‘AOSTEM’ which stands for Akinola Ogunlewe Stem Education Centre, since its inception in 2023 has trained and assisted over 250 students in science department to gain admission into various tertiary institutions.

Considering the wide gaps that had existed as a result of lack of interests of students in science subjects, AOSTEM in its vision shouldered the responsibility by improving the academic level of science oriented students within Igbogbo/Baiyeku and its environs in Ikorodu.

In an interview with Newsconnect correspondence and the Director of AOSTEM Center, Alhaji Qudus Oduntan after the sensitisation, acknowledged the impact of AOSTEM Chairman Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe towards ensuring their vision comes to fruition. Oduntan said Ogunlewe is the one behind the impact AOSTEM is making in the lives of students in Igbogbo. He said orientating the students was necessary having being tutored for free after three months.

In his own words, he said;

“We are here to give orientation to our students regarding the upcoming Jamb examination. This orientation is very important because after three months of tutorial classes, we need to tell them what and what they should be expecting and how they should be sufficiently prepared for them.

“After this orientation, we want them to go and look at what we have discussed and see how they can improve on them so that at the end of the day, they can come out in flying colours in their exams.

“The students need to take this exam very serious, they need to be very diligent, and to take every steps of orientation very serious so that at the end of the day, they can be successful.

“This centre started last year, we are just a year plus. To God be the glory, this is our second edition of our jamb classes, 90 percent of the students we tutored and orientated got admission to different universities which we are very very proud of.

“We have over 140 students so far. We give them free tutorial coaching everyday which to a large extent has been encouraging them. It has been a daily routine, even on weekends they come for CBT trainings.

“We do CBT trainings and tutorial sessions so they can be successful with their exams. Their CBT training starts from 2 to 4 pm and their tutorial coaching starts from 4pm to 6pm.

“We are optimistic that our students will come out in flying colours because from every mock examination we do, majority of them scored up to 220 and above.

“This tells us that they are doing well. The vision of the centre is how to improve the academic level of science oriented students within our environment.

“We have introduced introduction to computer, computer programming, coding and Artificial Intelligence.Today we can say since inception, we have trained over 250 students.

“This place is meant for science students but for the CBT classes, we allow some students from art and commercial departments to come in”. Oduntan said.

The Coordinator AOSTEM Centre Honourable Yinka Ogunlaja in a separate interview at the program corroborated the director saying the intervention was borne out of emergency in the sciences. He gave an overall assessment of AOSTEM’s intervention in an interview with our correspondence.

In his words, he said;

“In a nutshell, AOSTEM’s intervention is outstanding. It is a save our soul thing. It was borne out of a state of emergency in the sciences. Aside the sciences, it is a state of emergency in access of our students to ‘systems’.

“JAMB exams is now CBT, most of our students are not exposed to it. The issue is not that they don’t know what to do, the problem is that they don’t have access to systems to use.

“That is why AOSTEM centre came as an intervention to feel that void. I am optimistic that the students will come out in flying colours. Whatever you are doing well and it is coming out fine, you will be more optimistic.

“Last year was more like a training session, and we had it outstanding. In putting more to it this year, we are not expecting less. We are more optimistic that the results of this year tutorial will be better than last year.

“As a take home for the students after this sensitisation, I want them to be themselves. They have been trained both the tutorials and the CBT, hence they are not a novice to the exercise, they have been exposed to exam situations, so they should go all out there and do the needful.

“We are not afraid at all, we are very sure of the students we are sending out”. He asserted.

Adejola Hikmah, one of the beneficiaries of the intervention at AOSTEM centre shared what she learnt and her plans to making outstanding result in 2024 JAMB.

“I wrote JAMB last year, so I was a bit exposed. So I knew where to put in more strength, I started preparing for this JAMB last year and am still preparing for it up till ths year. I am confident in myself.

“Out of the four subjects we will be writing, there should be three or two one is very good at. If you start with subjects that you are good at, it will build your confidence, in attempting the rest of the papers. I did not know this before, so it was part of something that affected me last year”. She said

Ogunlaja Goodness another beneficiary of the intervention in an interview with Newsconnect said to come out with outstanding results since knowledge of the subjects is not enough is to be yourself, and be prepared.

“Go out there and do the best and allow God to intervene for you”. He said.

Mission of AOSTEM;

To promote and encourage students interest in science and technology based discipline, through innovative imagination and enjoyable experience.

Vision of AOSTEM

To have a society with world class professional in science and technology

Take home for students

1 Timing

2 Start with subject you are good at and don’t often start with calculations

3 Have confidence in yourself

4 Acquaint yourself with your examination environment before the date of exams

  1. Dress well for your examination and exhibit a good conduct so you can attract other people’s blessings and prayers.

Some of the members on the high table include Alhaji Qudus Oduntan (Director AOSTEM CENTRE), Hon Ogunlaja Olayinka Coordinator AOSTEM CENTRE, Hon Prince Adesegun Falola
Mr Adesgun Benson Facilitator,
Comrade Abdul Salaam Tijani, (Admin/President Igbogbo Student Union)

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