“I don’t want to go to Heaven. So stop wasting your precious time telling me to repent that Heaven is real.

I advise you to use the same energy you waste for that your church to work hard and pray to your Ancestors and Chukwu to bless you so that you can “Live Heaven on Earth.”

Oh yes! You don’t have to wait, suffer, and die to go Heaven. The real Heaven and Hell is here on Earth. My goal is not to make heaven, so stop dropping comment like, ‘Repent heaven is real’.

Instead of praying and waiting to go to heaven, it is better for you to start working hard and praying to your ancestors to make you to be wealthy so that you can able to live and experience heaven on earth. The reason why you are suffering today is because you want to go to heaven”.

Culled from newsmediang.com

By News Connect Online

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