Ojo Isaac Olusola Michael

It is another May 15th in the life of the world, coincidentally it is the birth anniversary of media Juggernaut Ojo-Isaac Olusola Michael, the Publisher/editor in chief SB E-news, SB events Magazine and Founder Efficiency Award for Excellence EAE.

Born on May 15th in the vibrant city of Ado Ekiti, Olusola Michael Ojo-Isaac’s passion for journalism was evident from an early age. With a thirst for knowledge and a burning desire to make a difference, he embarked on a journey that would shape his future and inspire countless others.

Olusola Michael Ojo-Isaac’s educational journey laid a solid foundation for his career. He attended St. Stephen Primary School in Akure, where he developed strong communication skills and a love for storytelling. Continuing his academic pursuits, he enrolled at St. Francis High School in Akure, honing his writing prowess and nurturing his journalistic aspirations.

Eager to expand his horizons, Olusola pursued a marketing degree at the Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti. This educational experience equipped him with the essential skills to understand the dynamics of the media industry and effectively engage with audiences. However, his thirst for knowledge and his unwavering dedication to journalism led him to pursue further studies.

Undeterred by challenges, Olusola Michael Ojo-Isaac pursued a law degree at Lagos State University (LASU). This decision not only added a new dimension to his expertise but also provided him with a solid legal foundation, enabling him to approach his work with a unique perspective.

Throughout his illustrious career spanning over a decade, Olusola Michael Ojo-Isaac has made an indelible mark in the world of journalism. His unwavering commitment to delivering accurate and impactful news has garnered him widespread recognition and respect within the industry.

As the publisher of SB E-news and SB Events Magazine, Olusola has been instrumental in bridging the gap between news and entertainment, captivating audiences with informative and engaging content. Through his publications, he has provided a platform for emerging talents, shedding light on their achievements and contributions.

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