The Senior Special Assistant to Lagos State Governor on Youth Mobilisation Alabi Opeyemi Oladimeji, Aarebirin Princess Folashade Olabanji Oba, Mayor Deen Sanwoola, Ahmed Dada Abbas at different intervals during their presentation at the grassroot leadership summit charged participants aspiring to lead to know that leaders are not born but made having sacrificed so many things.

Alabi Opeyemi Oladimeji who was one of the panelists at the summit opined that If this kind of program keeps coming, subsequently our youths will be well informed.

In an interview with our correspondence, Alabi said;

“If you ask an average youth what he understands about Politics, he or she would say it is a dirty game. With this event, there will be a certain youth that would have a change of mind.

“Youths have always been ready but we didn’t activate it. We are always ready. Leaders are not born but they are made. Leadership is not a relaxation job, leadership is about sacrifice.

” Strong and catastrophic situation creates very strong people. At this critical point in time, the situation we are in the country should create youths that can surmount the challenges.

“When it comes to leadership, it is a choice for anyone who wants to lead. Leadership that we can’t write home about are extremely much compared to exceptional leadership.

“However, the youths have to sit down and look for a mentor that can be followed not just follow any random person. You have to evaluate on your own if the person is worth being followed. I believe exemplary leadership support still exist.

“Orientation like this is just not enough, we need to gather youth, we need to give them responsibilities”. He said

The National Chairman Association of Local Government Vice Chairman of Nigeria and the Executive Vice Chairman Ikorodu Local Government Aarebirin Honourable Princess Dr Folashade Olabanji Oba said women should be all they can be, however they have to be prepared by getting the necessary education and not being afraid to take the leap of faith.

In an interview with Newsconnect at the event she said;

“We must know the primary purpose while we are doing what we are doing. No pain no gain, we want instant gratification. Most times we don’t want to do anything if we are not being paid for it.

“Normally women are scared to take that bold step. Deleting the negativity around that polity. No limitation, we must be fearless , leading with love,leading with passion and prioritising purpose.

“We must be ready to sacrifice, volunteer, show up. There is always a vacuum be a solution provider.

“Everybody matters. The numbers are many if you look at women and the men. Depriving one sector or the other put so much load on the other. We are help mates, we are natural nurturals and lovers of everything. At the end women get all the credits, why not help a woman today!” She opined.

The Convener Patricia Okosodo said every young persons has potentials to be great. We can’t keep complaining about problems, we have to take action. Again you can’t give what you don’t have. I feel we can bring person who already knows what we don’t know. A lot of young persons need mentorship, sponsorship and role model.

“These are people they can actually look up to an achieve good things. This passion started in 2011 and we keep doing this every year. The grassroot is where leadership should start. Our young people are actually losing hope on the leaders.

“If young people have people that can mentor them, people that can talk to them, they will do exploit.

“Leadership is about solving problems, engaging in activities that can create change in your community. So encouraging the young people with summit like this is the way to go”. She concluded

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