Real estate investment is a complex venture that involves both strategic decision-making and an understanding of external factors that can significantly impact returns. In this article, we will delve into five crucial factors that are likely to affect real estate investments in Lagos, Nigeria, factors that are beyond the control of the investor. Managing these elements is crucial for successful risk management and optimizing investment returns.

  1. Infrastructure Developments:

One of the key factors beyond an investor’s control is the infrastructure development in a particular location. Government plans, such as the construction of expressways, roads, drainage systems, railways, or airports, can have a substantial impact on property values. While positive developments can significantly increase property values, delays or changes in government plans can have negative effects.

Risk Management: Investors should thoroughly research the reputation of developers and assess their track record in delivering promised infrastructure. Diversifying investments across locations with different development plans can also help mitigate risks associated with infrastructure changes.

  1. Economic Conditions and Policies:

Government policies and economic conditions play a crucial role in shaping the real estate landscape. Changes in policies, especially those related to the financial sector or real estate, can impact investments positively or negatively. Economic conditions, such as inflation, interest rates, and currency fluctuations, are beyond the control of individual investors but can significantly affect property values.

Risk Management: Diversifying investments across different states can help spread the risk associated with changes in economic conditions or policies in a particular region. Staying informed about government policies and economic indicators is essential for proactive risk management.

  1. Security and Neighborhood Dynamics:

The security of a location and the nature of its neighborhood are vital factors influencing real estate values. Classy neighborhoods often attract high-value investments, but changes in security conditions or neighborhood dynamics can alter the desirability of a location.

Risk Management: Researching the security history of an area and staying updated on any changes is essential. Additionally, investors can diversify their portfolio by investing in emerging locations that show potential for growth and desirability.

  1. Climate and Weather Conditions:

Global warming and unpredictable climate patterns can impact real estate investments. Flooding, changing rainfall patterns, and extreme weather events can affect property values. Investors need to be aware of the climate conditions in the areas they are considering for investment.

Risk Management: Investing in locations with good drainage systems and considering diversification across different climate zones in Lagos can help mitigate risks associated with climate and weather conditions.

  1. Migration Patterns:

The movement of people into or out of a particular area can significantly affect real estate investments. Increasing population density can drive up demand for both residential and commercial properties. However, excessive migration may result in a loss of serenity and desirability, prompting some investors to exit.

Risk Management: Understanding migration patterns and investing in areas with a balanced mix of population growth and tranquility is essential. Diversifying across different types of locations can also help manage risks associated with migration.


Real estate investment in Lagos, like any market, comes with its set of unpredictable elements. Investors need to carefully analyze and manage factors beyond their control to ensure the success and resilience of their portfolios. By diversifying investments, staying informed about market dynamics, and adopting proactive risk management strategies, investors can navigate the complexities of the Lagos real estate market with greater confidence.

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