In their bid to galvanize engineering solutions for sustainable development in Nigeria, engineering professionals on Good Morning Nigeria on NTA opined that through sensitisation, the infinitesimal percentage of women in engineering profession would become a thing of the past.

Newsconnect reports that every 4th of March, is world international day for engineers, however It was significant for Henry John and Jumai Yusuf, the two presenters at Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) to have the President of Nigeria Society of Engineer Margaret Oguntala, COREN President Professor Sodiq Abubakar, DG NIMASA Dr Bashir Jamo, and Engr Chief Otis Ayaji as guests that led the discussions on topical issues in the sector on this day.

Engineer Margaret on the breakfast show said Nigerian Engineers are making waves, and meeting the demands of Nigeria as far as development is concerned. She said they have members across all sectors, that Engineer is not just a profession, it is a way of solving problems.

In here words, she said;

“We plan to train our engineers in all the areas that have to do with SDG goals. Our aim is to train about 6000 engineers young and old in emerging technology.

“Hands on Biogas, Biodigester, Solar Panel development, AI, Renewable energy, waste management.

“We have division of Nigerian Society of Engineers and Association of Professional Women Engineers of Nigeria that do a lot of that.

“Catching the girls very young right from primary school. We introduce them to STEM very early now STEAM with the inclusion of art. So that they would know they can also do well as engineers.

“Girls should be sensitised that they are as intelligent, important and brilliant like the boys. Starting from there , we will be able to encourage them when they get into school”. Margaret said.

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