By Bimbo Esho

If there is any lesson I have learnt in life it is to share our vision and dream with like minds so it doesn’t die with us.

Over the years I have watched how many individuals reach the peak of their career and fame but end up dying without achieving their dreams.

Recalling the very first day my dad met with Dr Olukoya to discuss the Evergreen Project he said Dr Olukoya told him that he was 100% interested in the project.

There is no doubt that both men have intense and undiluted love for music. They have over the years selflessly given so much in ensuring that the Evergreens don’t go into extinction.

I have always had the conviction that the collaboration between these great men would birthe that which generations will benefit from.

Aside Dr Olukoya being an accomplished and respected preacher of the word and leading one of the most popular churches in Nigeria today (MFM) with branches growing in leaps and bounds his love for music seems unmatchable .

Dr Olukoya teaches music, wrote his first song in 1976 and his church choir is widely regarded as one of the best in the world, having won several international choir competitions in Europe and other parts of the world. He has supported many musicians in achieving their goals. He breathes, drink and eat quality music .Today he has over 200 hymns and songs to his credit.

Dr Olukoya who is the patron of the Evergreen Music Heritage Foundation has shown us that his word is his bond. His consistency in ensuring that my dad’s dream of 25 years is brought to fruition is mind blowing . Not only has he used his goodwill together with ours to ensure we secure a magnificent edifice that perfectly matches the Evergreen Dream his financial and moral contribution has been invaluable.

The edifice situated in Anthony Village, Lagos on completion will be an Experience Center where people in and outside Nigeria will be privileged to see our country’s musical worth and history. There will be on display music from 1914, musical relics( old musical instruments/equipments, head bust of artistes, original vinyl of artistes, books, documentaries, cassettes, reel to reel, gramophone as old as 100 years, journals, cassettes, etc). Also the edifice shall have a music studio, a theatre, an event hall for meetings and concerts, etc

For me I believe this should be one of our contributions to humanity and posterity.

We are therefore calling on all music enthusiasts and like minds all over the world to come support this laudable project that will no doubt be a contribution to a legacy that will sustain generations . We are also using this opportunity to thank those who have been supportive of this project till date .

Bimbo Esho
Managing Director
Evergreen Musical Company Ltd

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