Dennis Isong stands as a towering figure in Lagos, Nigeria’s real estate market. His extraordinary accomplishments in 2024 have firmly established him as a leader in the industry.

Renowned for his unmatched sales performance and exceptional service to clients, particularly Nigerians in the diaspora, Isong has received two prestigious awards that solidify his status as a top-tier realtor.

Dennis Isong has been honored as a top-selling realtor by AMEN CITY LTD.

AMEN ESTATE’s Recognition of Excellence

AMEN ESTATE, a premier real estate brand in Nigeria, manages some of the most sought-after properties, including AMEN ESTATE PHASE 1, PHASE 2, and PHASE 3. Known for its luxury and innovative housing solutions, AMEN ESTATE sets the benchmark for quality living in Nigeria.

In 2024, AMEN ESTATE recognized Dennis Isong as a top-selling realtor. This accolade underscores his extraordinary ability to connect with clients, particularly Nigerians in the diaspora, and his impressive sales record across the estate’s three phases.

Isong’s deep market knowledge and client-focused approach make him a trusted advisor for those seeking premium real estate investments.

AMEN ESTATE, along with other flagship developments like TIARA ESTATE PHASE 1 and PHASE 2, continues to honor Dennis Isong for his significant contributions and efforts in serving Nigerians abroad. His success in bridging the gap between diaspora Nigerians and lucrative property investments in Nigeria is particularly noteworthy.

This recognition highlights Isong’s dedication to providing exceptional service and his commitment to helping clients secure their dream homes.

Most Preferred Realtor in Lagos State

Further enhancing his distinguished career, Dennis Isong was named the MOST PREFERRED REALTOR in Lagos State by PAN AFRICAN INTERNATIONAL in 2024. The Pan African International Annual Conference and Awards (PAIR-AWARDS) is a prestigious event held annually in various African countries. It addresses the continent’s challenges and offers lasting solutions, honoring individuals and organizations for significant political and socio-economic achievements in Africa.

The award night and conference focus on critical issues like leadership, governance, socio-economic and political progress, education, environmental concerns, insecurity, and unemployment. Distinguished panelists provide valuable insights and solutions to promote development, attract investors, and create jobs.

This prestigious award is a testament to Isong’s unwavering dedication, strategic market insights, and unparalleled customer service. Being honored by such a reputable organization highlights his influence and leadership in the Lagos real estate market.

About Dennis Isong

Dennis Isong is a seasoned realtor in Lagos State who has helped numerous Nigerians, both locally and abroad, make profitable real estate investments over the past five years. Specializing in identifying high-return properties, he ensures optimal results for his clients.

As a sought-after Real Estate Investment Advisor and Coach, particularly for Nigerians living abroad, Dennis offers expert guidance to maximize real estate earnings. He saves investors significant amounts and helps them make informed decisions through meticulous research and tailored analyses of Lagos’s market opportunities.

An accomplished author and columnist for BellaNaija and other outlets, Dennis shares his expertise on Lagos’s dynamic real estate market. His deep understanding and extensive network enable him to uncover prime properties that match clients’ preferences and financial goals.

His personalized service, from initial consultation to post-sale support, ensures comprehensive guidance throughout the buying journey. His portfolio includes diverse properties such as apartments, villas, townhouses, and commercial spaces, all competitively priced.

For Nigerians abroad looking to invest in Lagos real estate, Dennis Isong is the trusted advisor to guide you through every step. Get a free copy of his book, “Bamboozled By Some Real-estate Companies,” to learn strategies for picking the right properties and avoiding pitfalls. Click the link to get a copy: This concise book reveals a simple, proven strategy that distinguishes between loss and profit, wealth, and more wealth.

Dennis Isong’s journey in the real estate industry is marked by his relentless pursuit of excellence and genuine commitment to client satisfaction. His dual recognition in 2024 by AMEN ESTATE and TIARA ESTATE, along with being named the MOST PREFERRED REALTOR in Lagos State by PAN AFRICAN INTERNATIONAL, showcases his exceptional talent and hard-earned success.

As he continues to lead in the field, Dennis Isong remains a beacon of excellence, inspiring confidence and trust in real estate investments across Nigeria and beyond.

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