President Bola Tinubu has spoken about his fall at the Eagle Square, Abuja, on Wednesday morning.

The president missed his step and fell while entering a vehicle for a parade to commemorate Democracy Day.

Speaking at a dinner, the president referred to the fall as “Swagger”, saying social media is confused about it.

“Early this morning, I had a swagger and it’s on the social media. They are confused whether I was doing buga or doing babaringa, but it is a day to celebrate Democracy while doing ‘dobale’ for the day. I am a traditional Yoruba boy, I did my dobale,” he said.

Social media has been flooded with varied reactions, reflecting a spectrum of opinions on the incident.

Below are some social media reactions to the fall:

Ibrahim Kalayi: “Why would anyone find it funny that the President tripped and fell? Let’s be guided please.”

Rachael Onyedi: “Old man, go and rest. You have done well for yourself and the generation unborn. What are you still looking for? You’re just there enjoying our suffering….”

Oluwa Fe: “Enemies within and enemies outside looking for the President’s mistakes as if the man isn’t human. They will never see anything good about him, just waiting for his mistake. Maybe that’s why God has always made him a winner in almost all his fights.”

Olayode Ogunmola: “I watched it live. He missed his steps, and it could happen to anyone! Joe Biden, the American President, once missed his steps while boarding a plane. We should wish our leaders well.”

Boma Ibim: “I hope our President is doing fine? Even as a young guy, I miss my steps, let alone someone like Baba Tinubu… It’s not a new thing. Even those abusing him can’t remember how many times they’ve missed their steps.”

Oyelere Tawfique: “This man just keeps on disgracing himself. Why not honourably tender a resignation letter? Is it a must? Our politicians and greediness, Sha. You’re old.”

Aisha Baggio: “A clear indication even God is not happy with this administration. People are dying of hunger and hardship, and the President is busy unveiling activities for Democracy Day. You people should have a rethink before it’s too late.”

Maibitil Mni (@Maibitil_): “National Disgrace on National TV at Democracy Day. After blowing lies on TV, his body couldn’t hold those lies and chose to go down lowwwwwww for a minute.”

@dammygtnet: “I will never laugh at this. This can happen to anyone. Even Joe Biden once experienced the same. My issue with President Tinubu is about his insensitive policies, which the populace is suffering from. He should do better or be booted out.”

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