A TikTok transgender couple shares their love story and are ready to have a family of their own together.

Lucianno3l, who was once a female now turned man, and Cienna Rosalina, biologically man but now female, found love and happiness with each other.

Both were brave to celebrate their love publicly despite the trolling and insults homophobes dish out on them daily.

On their tiktok handles, each shares their transitioning journey to fans and foes alike.

In the interview with LoveDon’tJudgeShow, the trans couple revealed that they have been together for two years and most people refuse to accept they were different sexes before.

Read what people has to say on this,

@. Don’t listen to them they confused not yall they just mad that y’all happy and they not

@Tired Just saw your story in my feed and it melted my heart 🥹 Your connection is just perfect. Such a beautiful couple in both ways, inside and outside♥️


@Aydan C. I love that you have the chance to experience each other and your love. Protect your peace 🥹🫶🏽

@Jasmine Wren hey I just saw this lol and instantly came to find yall and wanted to lyk – BEAUTIFUL you’re not confused!!! you’re just finally free and in love 🥰

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