The 2024 World Drummers’ Day celebration in Abuja commenced with resounding beats and rhythms, setting the stage for a captivating journey into the heart of African culture. The event, graced by esteemed dignitaries, government officials, art aficionados, and members of the press, was a testament to the transformative power of artistic expression in society.

In his opening speech, Ola Awakan, the Creative Director of Artswax Communications and the Playwright/Executive Producer of “Echoes of the Drums,” eloquently articulated the profound significance of drums as instruments of rhythm, beats, and sound production in societal development. He reflected on the inception of his acclaimed play, “Echoes of the Drums,” remarking on its evolution from a creative vision to a nationally and globally recognized masterpiece.

Awakan expressed heartfelt gratitude to Her Excellency, Senator (Dr) Oluremi Tinubu CON, First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, for her esteemed presence and appreciation of his artistic endeavor. He also acknowledged the instrumental role played by Mr. Isioma Williams, the national coordinator of the Guild of Theatre Arts Drummers, in bringing his vision to life on stage.

The playwright further underscored the pivotal role of platforms such as the Beeta Playwright Competition in nurturing emerging talents and fostering literary excellence. He shared his vision for “Echoes of the Drums” to transcend traditional boundaries and be adapted into various forms of media, including stage productions, movies, and animations, with characters akin to iconic figures like Black Panther.

Awakan’s vision aligns with the broader mission to harness the creative economy as a catalyst for national development, echoing the sentiments of His Excellency, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He emphasized the collaborative efforts between the Guild of Theatre Arts Drummers and Artswax Communications to embark on a Campus Tour and Global Drummunication Tour, promoting cultural exchange and education through the arts.

The event concluded with a call to action, urging all stakeholders, from government officials to corporate entities, to join hands in supporting the cultural renaissance sweeping across Nigeria. Awakan extended heartfelt appreciation to all attendees, including government representatives, cultural ambassadors, and members of the press, for their unwavering support.

As the echoes of the drums continue to reverberate, “Echoes of the Drums” stands as a symbol of Africa’s rich heritage and artistic prowess, poised to inspire generations to come.

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