At the 2024 Summit of XTRALARGE FARMS & RESORTS on Agri-tourism, participants at the occasion didn’t just take home healthy food items, but also took home germane informations that can transform their lives around.

Newsconnect reports that among other valuable discussions at the event, the well attended summit harped on eating well and getting paid for inviting other people to do same without any form of payment.

The organisers opined that considering how challenging Nigerian economy is at the moment, hardworking and God fearing Nigerians are finding it difficult to be upright in their endeavours without compromising their ideals in their quest for survival . Hence the awareness by Xtralarge with the event is imperative towards exposing Nigerians to a legitimate way of making money

The Managing director of Xtralarge Dr Moji Davids while sensitising the participants said most of the sickness like stroke, Glaucoma, Diabetes, Arthritis didn’t just start when the person experienced it, it is usually a build up overtime, and when it gets out of hand, it manifests and become visible.

In her words , she said;

“All the components of the drugs we take are in our food, how come we are not getting adequate portion of them when we eat? This as a result of the chemicals used in processing them.

“At Xtralarge holiday, there are foods we would eat and there are foods we won’t eat.

“You can earn income by creating awareness about our resorts which is a paradise away from home . It is a platform to build transgenerational wealth. If you can help others to eat healthy, you can make money without using money”

In an interview with Newsconnect correspondence and the CEO of Xtralarge Seyi Davids, he charged participants to practice Sack farming, a creative farming since acquisition of farmland for farming is not easy and people must eat.

In his words, he said;

“You can do sack farming and plant Yam. An average Yam may cost 1500, 2000 to 2500 naira. If you have a little space maybe in your house, you can plant inside the sacks.

“You realise that if you have 1500 of such sacks, you would be having 1.5 million naira if you sell it. That is a very good one as a side hustle. If the space is not very big, perhaps you are living on a balcony, you can have 20 or 30 sacks in which you can use.

“You may plant not only yam, you can do maize, vegetables, cucumber all these will give you a lot of money and the family will be better of for it. You can wet it at the right time. You can weed it and the weeding is very small.

“Many people who do not have time, can try sack farming, it will surely take you to the next level. Some countries plant on their roofs because there is no land. I think Singapore were able to plant on their roofs and it is good for them.

“When you see the roofs, they are all green which is a good one. I believe Nigeria can emulate this. During the holiday, it will be three days of resting and a little bit of practical teaching”. Seyi said

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