An abandoned road has plunged residents of Irawo, Agboyi Ketu Local Council Development Area (LCDA), Kosofe Local Government Area, Lagos, into despair.

Newsconnect gathered from P.M.EXPRESS reports last week account of a resident of the community, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that the Irawo Road project began around mid-May but the contractor has left and signs of construction had stopped for more than one week in the area.

“The road project began sometime around May 18; they said the project was being carried out by the Agboyi Ketu Local Council Development Area (LCDA), and we felt some relief because we had never enjoyed a good road in this part,” she stated.

“When the contractor came, they started to build a drainage channel. They built the channel just a little bit into the street, and before we knew what was happening, they had gone.”

“They left with all their equipment, while leaving the road in a worse state than they met it. The road is no longer pliable for cars, buses or even pedestrians.”

“The water is spoiling cars and they have just gone like that without care for the people who stay in the area.”

Another resident of the area said that the construction project was started at the beginning of the rainy season and had made life difficult for the residents.

“I have lived in Irawo for two years, and one of the major concerns of residents here is the road, which is often very easily flooded and is in a terrible state,” he said.
“This construction project began as soon as the rain started, and it has left everywhere flooded. But we are not too bothered about the inconvenience if they fix the road.”

“The flood has caused a hike in fares; it is also a constant reminder of the cholera outbreak in the state, as people have to always pass through the water. This road is the only one that leads to most of Irawo, and we are concerned it will soon be abandoned like other projects around the country.”

“The contractor removed all his equipment from the site last week, and we do not have explanations as to the reason. No one is saying anything to anyone, and we are just left in limbo.”

During a visit to the area on Wednesday, a signpost by the road showed that the project was being handled by Gales Engineering Limited, a construction firm based in Ketu. Also, there was no sign of ongoing construction in the area except for some piles of granite by the road.

But while commenting on the issue, Mayor Dele Osinowo, the Executive Chairman of the LCDA, said work is still ongoing.

“We have not stopped work there at any point; we are still working, and the contractor is still on site. I have seen news about this spreading on X. You don’t expect them to be there on a public holiday,” he said.

When the reporter said they had been monitoring the project since it began and the contractor had removed his equipment from the site, he said, “You can come there and meet me yourself; you will see what I am talking about. They are not there”.

“I can even send you the number of the contractor working on the project. This was a project we had to save money to embark on, something that should be done by the State Government.”
On the flooded road, he said, “People have to endure inconveniences; they have to be uncomfortable for projects to be delivered”.

By News Connect Online

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