L-R: UICL Project manager, Engr Charbel and ADRON HOMES chairman/CEO, Aare Adetola Emmanuelking and Arch Makinde Northern Nigeria Project director for the construction and development of Snowfall Park and Gardens JOS Plateau State.

In a bid to redefine excellence in real estate development, Adron Homes & Properties Limited has forged a strategic partnership with United Integrated Construction Limited (UICL), a global brand renowned for its impeccable track record in building construction work. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Adron Homes as they continue to uphold their mission of exceeding expectations and providing affordable housing solutions of the highest quality.

According to Adron Homes, this collaboration will give rise the construction and development of Snowfall Park and Gardens JOS Plateau State.

At the heart of Adron Homes’ mission is a commitment to delivering on promises, expanding their land bank, and offering excellent services and affordable housing products to their clients. With a vision to become the leading Pan-African real estate development company, Adron Homes aims to provide decent, accessible, comfortable, and affordable houses while meeting global housing standards. This vision aligns seamlessly with UICL’s ethos of innovative design, construction excellence, and timely deliveries.

Adron Homes prides itself on its unwavering dedication to hard work and dedication. Their series range of development concepts are buil t on suitable sites and standardized in terms of design, layout, and specification, offering exceptional value and a consistent product to their clients. With a goal to make the incredible affordable, Adron Homes ensures that each project meets the highest standards of quality and affordability.

For close to two decades, UICL has solidified its reputation as a leader in the construction industry, focusing on select residential, commercial, hospitality, and educational new-build projects in Nigeria. Their proven expertise in innovative design, construction excellence, and client-centric approach has earned them a sterling reputation within the industry. With a skilled professional team, transparent processes, and a commitment to industry standards, UICL embodies excellence in every aspect of their work.

The partnership between Adron Homes & Properties Limited and United Integrated Construction Limited represents a union of two industry leaders committed to delivering unparalleled excellence in real estate development.

As they embark on this journey together, they are poised to set new standards of quality, reliability, and affordability in the Nigerian real estate landscape. With a shared vision and unwavering dedication to excellence, Adron Homes and UICL are primed to redefine the future of real estate development in Nigeria and beyond.

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